Water Treatment Services (Aust) Pty Ltd is an independently owned Australian company delivering specialised chemistry and services to the Asia Pacific Water, Power, Paper, Mining and Construction sectors to bring continuous improvement in order to exceed industry requirements

Systems and process audits and reviews

Problem identification and development of innovative water treatment solutions

Treatability studies including analytical expertise, custom formulations, bench and pilot-testing

Concept Design and Design Reviews (Water Treatment Systems)

Treatment program execution, commissioning of treatment processes

Design, installation and fine-tuning of process control equipment

Continuous Improvement & Ongoing technical support

Remote/on-line/web-based monitoring, process advice and trouble-shooting

safety & environmentally responsible

Water Treatment Services has a key philosophy of safety first, this is borne out by the company having a clear policy position on Safety and Environment, but also reinforcing this by a clear communication to all employees to ensure compliance.

The delivery of the goal of a zero-harm workplace is manifested through employee ownership and organisational emphasis on risk-based safety. All employees are inducted in the policies of Water Treatment Services, external training covering topics such as Dangerous Goods, Materials Handling, Confined Spaces and Risk Assessment backs this up.

WTS seeks to provide treatment solutions with the environment in mind. Treatment programs are chosen on the basis of delivering solutions that support the environment with the recycling and minimisation of packaging through to replacement of toxic chemicals with safer alternatives.

Water Treatment Services is a company large enough to have total program and project management capability, but small enough to tailor a program to suite unique client needs. A Sustainability Approach is applied where each application is treated and measured on a number of different criteria to determine and deliver true values. These include complete water quality compliance with respect to regulatory and/or industry standards, value for money, asset protection, plant/process efficiencies and additional OHS&E considerations.

core values

Workplace safety & environmental sustainability

Protecting the health and safety of all personnel and minimizing environmental impact

Integrity, honesty, loyalty, & accessibility

Operating with openness & building trust based relationships

Beyond service

Developing a unique understanding of the needs of the client and exceeding their expectations

Expertise & professionalism

Achieving high levels of technical competency and delivery to customers

history & geography

Formed in the Year 2000 Water Treatment Services Australia (WTS) began with an aim to provide high quality service to the Water Treatment market in Australia. The business has grown over this period to evolve into a major contributor to a growing number of water industry segments while still maintaining the face to face service that was the original business charter.

geographic reach

Water Treatment Services has a significant presence on the entire East Coast of Australia and is specifically represented in the following key market areas

core areas of expertise

Water Treatment Services, prides itself on the skills of our people. In particular their ability to refer and utilise their the knowledge among their extensive experiences obtained in the utilities, industrial, mining and environmental fields related to water quality process and regulatory compliances. We strive to find the best possible solutions for client specific problems.

The skills contained in the organisation include:

Water Treatment Services staff can engage in projects from early green-field evaluations and concept design through to commissioning and on-going supply of treatment chemicals and follow-up with system monitoring, fine-tuning, operational advice and training.

Extensive power generation process experience

Water treatment chemistry and biology from pure theoretical level to actual on-site suitability

Process, chemical, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering

Extensive metal/sugar refining, mining and municipal water treatment knowledge and expertise.

problem solving

One of our greatest attributes is the tenacious approach to solving water based problems. WTS has been able to deliver solutions to problems previously considered unsolvable by following our mandate of
1. Analysing and utilising all relevant inherent chemical, physical and biological parameters of all waters to be treated,
2. manipulate, synergise and control them with best practice (chemical, physical, biological) process technologies and barriers
3. achieve the required water quality compliance in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner

treatment chemical management

WTS are highly experienced in the compliant management and application of water treatment chemicals. We are able to provide client specific and comprehensive management plans to ensure that water qualities and treatment inventory levels are economical, efficient and compliant with applicable legislative frameworks and guidelines.

engineering capabilities

WTS can risk assess and review existing water treatment designs, installations and operations. We routinely prepare concept designs of water treatment barriers. WTS have "design and build capabilities" for dosing systems, process control and monitoring equipment. We provide remote access and control options (web-based and/or telemetry).

use of computer modelling software

WTS utilise the latest water modelling software to provide predictive analysis with extensive practical experience in operating a range of programs including once through systems, cooling tower systems, reverse osmosis systems, mine process water systems, oil field and coal seam gas extraction water systems, wastewater speciation and pollutant fate modelling, activated sludge process design and modelling

security of supply

A reliable source of supply is essential to any successful operation. At Water Treatment Services we pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity of supply chain and upholding the highest quality standards. Our culture is maintained from production facility all the way to the point of application.

Our key to our success is based on the following tenets:

In-House Production

Water Treatment Services, has two key production facilities on the East coast of Australia. One is located in North Queensland the other in NSW. The advantage of having "in-house" local production provides firstly, the ability to produce unique formulation to serve our clients' needs, and secondly, it ensures faster response time for product development and accelerated client delivery.

Contingency Planning

The fact that Water Treatment Services is an independent company, enables us to bring our clients the best possible technology regardless of where it is in the world. The other key advantage this brings in the ability to have multiple suppliers for key products where required, to ensure our clients are never without vital products.

Transport Logistic Partnerships

Through our transport partnerships, we place the compliant and safe transport of our treatment chemicals as an upmost priority. The movement of all products and storage is done in the safest most efficient manner. Key warehouse facilities exist close to all our major customers with an aim to maximise efficiencies in regards to stock holding and delivery performance.

Quality assurance

Water Treatment Services Pty Ltd, is a quality assured company to AS/NZS 9001:2015 standard and is certified by BSI Group.

Products & Services

Water Treatment Services Pty Ltd, is a Complete Water Treatment company with the holistic ability to provide all facets of products and services related to a wide variety of more complex and basic water circuits in industry, mining, municipal utilities and environmental waters.

The key to all of Water Treatment Services, products and services is they are specific for customers. Whilst there is a vast range of proven products; predominantly products are developed to suit a particular client’s process. Being an independent company, Water Treatment Services also has the ability to compare the best technologies and offer those to our clients as the best solution with no bias.

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