water treatment products

Water Treatment Services has the capability to provide products and services for water circuits across a wide range of industrial sectors including Water, Power, Paper, Mining and Construction.

The key to all of Water Treatment Services offerings is that they are specifically tailored to each application. Being an independent company, Water Treatment Services has the ability to compare all available technologies and offer the optimum solution to our clients.

customised watertreat chemical formulations

multiple sources for raw materials

specialised engineering dosing equipment

advanced chemical performance modelling

bio augmentation technology

The latest to our innovative range of products. Nutritune technology supercharges your biological wastewater treatment to minimise foaming, odours and sludge formation in addition to increasing nutrient removal and de-watering.

electrobrom bromine based biocide system

WTS electrobrom offers customers a safe & reliable bromine biocide for disinfection of cooling water systems generated onsite through electrolysis.

pure-RO range of specialty RO chemicals

Water Treatment Services (Aust) has spent significant time developing a range of high performance RO products for use in desalination & RO plants.

clo-two chlorine dioxide onsite generation system

As the largest supplier of chlorine dioxide treatment programs to the Australian power industry WTS has spent more than a decade fine tuning the application of ClO2 technology for large scale treatment applications.

poly-glu advanced rapid clarification polymers

When you need to remove suspended solids quickly & efficiently WTS poly-glu range of multi purpose flocculants is the weapon of choice. Perfect for responding to contaminated environmental flows and keeping the water dischanged from site in specification.

WTS formulate customised formulations

WTS offers a range of boiler specific chemistries to combat many of the problems encountered in boiler water circuits. WTS can provide antiscalents, oxygen scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, biocides & cleaning agents.

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